BMB MM615 15' Batwing
Rotary Mower
Lot 3081
Rotary Mowers
Rhino SE4 4'
 3pt Rotary Mower
Gearbox seal is good and blades have been sharpened.
Lot 4499
Woods 6'
 3pt Rotary Mower
Has new gearbox seal and blades have been sharpened. Does have a few holes in seams
Lot 4496
Woods 5'  Rotary Mower
Blades have been sharpened and the gearbox seal is good
Lot 4495
Bush Hog 7'
 3pt Rotary Mower
We mowed at the lot with this mower. Mows out nice.
Gearbox seal is good.
Lot 4399

Thank You!